People are stronger together. 
This website  and non profit company is in the very early days but will eventually be full of creative people and people who want to find creative people, makers and artisans .
When I say creative people I'm talking all forms of visual arts and crafts, also music, acting, writing, baking etc.

This website is a directory and resource centre.


We are a non profit company that put profits back into the co-operative with marketing and ads and hopefully one day grants and cash competitions so that we can all thrive.

The submission form will be coming soon so I can start listing people. Because this sort of thing will be more attractive to new members the more members that are on it new members will intially be added free of charge and can if wish donate to the gofundme to help me pay for start up cost and the time im putting in.

Eventually it will be a a one off joining fee, that will cover the basic administration to help pay the wage of the person doing the research and adding to the website a bit toward the cost of webhosting etc. And hopefully it will have a steady stream of new members that cover the operational costs.

As creatives me have many battles. Many of us are constantly put in the sittation were are made to feel that our worth is somehow less, or that we should give our skills for free.  Many of us run the risk of our work being copied and others trying to make money off our backs, as let face it, being creative doesn't nessicarily mean you are a marketing genius. In fact many of us are pretty humble beasts that find shouting about our work kinda feels a bit narcasstic.

The public are bombarded with drab and cheap knock offs, many would love unique things but don't really know how they can find genuine makers. Even websites like Etsy which is meant to be the creators place is sadly full of cowboys. This place will not be. New members will be researched before being  added

And if your somebody who likes unique things and wants to find a genuine maker, I want this to be the go to place.

I have started a gofundme to help cover start up cost please donate if you are able to, this is all about helping creative people thrive and make our voices a bit louder.